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A Unique Approach

The Power of a Network, the Heart of a Start-Up

Need a groundbreaking creative campaign to launch your global brand? How about strategic, actionable insights on the data you’re collecting? Or enterprise-wide innovations to move your organization to the next level? No matter the challenge you’re facing, Intouch Group will help you overcome it.

We are idea-creators, dreamer-innovators and change-makers offering a range of capabilities and services. Ready to take on anything from one-off projects to complete reboots. Giving you all the advantages of a network’s size and scale, powered by the creative, innovative spirit of an independent agency.

Our Network

Intouch Group: A privately held agency network formed in 2018, dedicated to the life sciences.
Intouch Solutions: Our first full-service agency, founded in 1999, offering a wide range of disciplines and capabilities.
Intouch Proto: A full-service agency created in 2017 to help us manage unprecedented growth and provide the highest standard of protection for our clients.
Intouch Seven: A full-service agency launched in 2020 to provide singular focus on new clients and additional protection for our clients’ best interests.
Intouch B2D: Our marketing technology hub, launched in 2018 to offer enterprise consulting, MCM strategy, customer engagement solutions, and governance and change management.
Intouch Media: Our full-service media agency, created in 2018 to support Intouch accounts and media-only clients.
Intouch Analytics: Our full-service analytics practice, created in 2018 to convert data into both value and opportunity for Intouch Group clients.
Intouch International: Our full-service global agency and joint venture with Healthware International, founded in 2016.